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Anka Krystyniak

MAGIC. SYMBOLS. THE MOON. Numerology and the power of gemstones is the secret behind Anka Krystyniak’s jewelry designs.

Born and raised in Warsaw, Anka Krystyniak is a graduate of the Fashion and Jewelry Design faculty at the Higher School of Art and Design in Łódź. Her love of art, architecture and design started when Anka was a little girl. Over time, it gained maturity, character and meaning through the addition of various symbols: Polish, Indian, Middle Eastern, religious, ethnic and even those characteristic for Baroque art.


All of that materialized in 2012, when her fascination gave birth to Anka’s original brand. It was an important moment, because with it Krystyniak found her way to communicate with the universe – through her designs she could express herself and convey her feelings and beliefs to others using the characteristic, already iconic symbols embedded in jewelry.


Anka Krystyniak’s first amulet was made of zoisites – gemstones which help us in difficult times. Then came the others: Polish symbols, symbols of femininity, strength, protection, resourcefulness… How does it work? According to Krystyniak, energy can be spelled into everything. “If what you make comes from within you, you stitch your energy into it,” she says. Hence the success of one of the most important and characteristic amulets in her collection – the Slavic Lunula. The talisman that strengthens the sense of femininity has become an inseparable accessory for thousands of women in Poland and around the world. Anka Krystyniak’s jewelry, made of silver, gold-plated silver, gold and natural stones, tells its own stories and remakes them anew, individually, becoming a personal amulet and guide for every new owner.


In 2018, Anka Krystyniak’s original brand was named Brand of the Year at the annual ELLE Style Awards.


Anka Krystyniak’s patterns are registered industrial designs, protected by European Union law.

Anka Krystyniak