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749 PLN 

Necklace made of natural stones (mainly labradorites, but also lapis, rubies, tourmalines) with a silver Elephant pendant gilded with 24-karat gold. The necklace also has three coins and the Om symbol attached.

– Necklace length: 74-75 cm.

– Pendant height: 3 cm.


The symbol of Elephant appears in many cultures and religions. In Hinduism it is Ganesha, combining micro- and macrocosm, existence and non-existence. Far East associates it with the sky and clouds, referring to the grayness of elephant’s skin. The Elephant is also the animal supporting the weight of the world, which makes it the pillar of the universe. In yoga, the Elephant is the root chakra called Muladhara, connected with the Earth and the center of strength, while in Buddhism, the Elephant is a tool of heavenly purpose.

Regardless of the context, the Elephant means strength. Strength of mind and body. Responsibility for oneself, others and the world. It connects the earth (matter) and what is opposite to it, namely the sky (non-matter). From the Elephant comes great wisdom, in which strength is not used to fight, just to be responsible for ourselves, our loved ones, and the world that feeds us, but also to constantly learn how to understand.


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