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440 PLN 

Handmade silver earrings with inset green agate.

– Material: 925 silver gilded with 24-karat gold, green agate.

– Earring’s size: height – approx. 4 cm, width (crescent moon) – approx. 2 cm.


Green Agate – a stone of balance. It harmonizes yin and yang energy and helps in building physical, emotional and intellectual balance. It soothes anger and boosts self-confidence, promoting better concentration and more accurate event assessment, and thus helping to efficiently solve the difficulties we encounter.

Green agate helps in getting rid of prejudices, and also a sense of regret or bitterness, which makes it possible to express ourselves more fully and start something new with courage, without unnecessary tension or past hurts and issues casting a shadow on everything we touch. All this creates the image of a stone whose aura provides a strong support in the continuous and harmonious self-development based on all components of our personality.


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