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409 PLN 

Necklace made of silver with a moon symbol and hand-forged agate.


– 925 silver plated with 24-carat gold, green agate.


– Height x width – approx. 3 x 2 cm.


Green Agate – a stone of balance. It harmonizes the energy of yin and yang, supports in building physical, emotional and intellectual balance. It calms anger and strengthens the sense of confidence, which helps improve concentration and accurate assessment of events, and thus efficiently solve the difficulties we encounter.

Green agate helps to get rid of prejudices, as well as the feeling of regret or bitterness, thanks to which it becomes possible to express ourselves more fully and start something anew with courage, without unnecessary tension and pasts that cast a shadow over everything we cling to. All this creates the image of a stone whose aura is a strong support in continuous, harmonious self-development based on all the components of our personality.


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