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409 PLN 

Handmade silver ring with the Om symbol and inset zirconia stone.

– Material: 925 silver gilded with 24-karat gold, zirconia stone.

– Size: the ring will be made in your requested size – let us know in the comments what ring size you need (you can take the measurement at our boutique, for example).


Before the world was made, there was darkness. Then, a sound came from the darkness, and that was Om. Everything was born from it.

Om is the first syllable of the universe. It is infinity because Om is the present, what was, and what will be. In this sound, everything begins and ends, only to begin again. Om is everything. It is a dream, a desire and a fulfillment. The highest perfection. Almighty Strength. Even if they all mean something different to everyone… Om makes them equal by being the embodiment of what the highest good and the goal of existence is for everyone.

Om – our beginning and the end that has no end, because everything in it and Om itself is eternity.


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