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800 PLN 

Handmade pearl and silver necklace. It has 3 pendants with the Eye of Horus.


– 925 silver plated with 24-carat gold, brass, pearls, opals.


– Necklace length: approx. 50 cm.


Eye of Horus – guardian of health and safety. An eye lost and regained. Horus lost them in the victorious battle for Egypt against Seti. The defeated opponent cruelly treated the eye that Horus had lost, breaking it into many pieces. Drastically injured, it miraculously healed, regaining its integrity and ability to see. Thus, the eye became a symbol of healing and becoming whole. It is also a strong talisman protecting against dangers and everything evil.

Egyptian physicians also used the image of the Eye of Horus to record fractions of ingredients used when creating medicinal solutions. This reinforces its importance as a protective talisman, guarding health and strength. Because they are one of the guarantors of the sense of security.


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