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Naszyjnik Shen z cyrkonią - Anka Krystyniak
Naszyjnik Shen z cyrkonią - Anka Krystyniak
Anka Krystyniak - SHEN Z CYRKONIĄ

Handmade silver necklace with a pendant symbolizing the Shen ring, in which we hand-set zirconia.

You can choose zirconia in one of three colors: red, purple, navy blue. In the order notes, tell us which color you choose.


– 925 silver plated with 24-carat gold, zirconia.


– Necklace length: 50 cm.

– Pendant dimensions: approx. 2 cm x 2 cm (height x width).


Shen Ring – eternal protection. The meaning of the word “Shen” is to encircle, to surround. The graphic element of the symbol is a circle. This, like a circle, has no beginning and end. Any arbitrary point selected on it can be either one or the other. It is a perfect image of eternity and its alternation. The content meaning of the word is surrounding, understood as providing protection or care. Their combination gives something like the term “eternal protection” – as if the circle inscribed in the ring’s graphic did not allow for the center of what is evil and negative. He never allowed it – the duration of the circle is embedded in eternity.


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