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SURYA (champagne)

529 PLN 

Anka Krystyniak - naszyjnik Surya
Anka Krystyniak - naszyjnik Surya
Anka Krystyniak - naszyjnik Surya

Necklace with the symbol of a partial Sun, made of silver, with hand-forged champagne zircons.


– 925 silver plated with 24-carat gold, zircons.


– Necklace length: approx. 50 cm (non-adjustable).

– Pendant dimensions (height x width): 3.5 cm x 3 cm.


Surya – embrace of light. Literally, it is the name of the Vedic solar deity, loosely translated it means “supreme light”. The secrets of the world seem to be hidden not in the literal, but in what is between the words. Therefore, for us Surya is not only the highest light or an incomplete circle of the sun. For us, Surya is the meeting of the Sun and the Moon. One of them dreams dreams that the other makes come true. The Moon seduces with its mystery, the Sun conquers with its brightness. Together they are like the embrace of dreams and reality. The sensuality of reality and the power of action. It’s like being given the ability to tame the world and the courage not to be afraid to dream and reach for more.

Surya designed by Anka Krystyniak is a registered industrial design protected by European Union law.


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